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5/11/2007 - Well it has been a long time coming, but I have built a new house and because I have been so busy with other parts of my life I have left my site go by the wayside. I hope to change this now that I have moved into the new house and have some more time on my hands. Over the coming months the site with have a fresh new face and revamp. I also look after the AusRFS Vic site so I will be dividing my time between the two of them. I have 4 litters right now, but few babies that have not been reserved. For a current list of what I have available either call me after 8pm on 59959481 or my leave a msg on my mobile and I will get back to you when I can 0414864278.

16/6/2006 - I haven't done much with the site recently, between work, building a house, internet problems, and other stuff, I just haven't had the time. Today I updated the litters section with my upcoming litters. I also updated the rescues page as I have had a huge dump of rescues in the past few weeks, just when I got down to having only 2 left to home too! Oh well. I am actually doing a full revamp of the site, and have been working on getting it up shortly. Thought it was time for a change. Keep your eye open for the changes soon!

2/2/2006 - Updated litters page as Pandora gave birth to 12 beautiful little pinkies today. For reservations please email me here.

1/2/2006 - All babies from Dakotas litter are now reserved.

27/11/2005 - Updated what I have available in my litters and what is coming up.

30/10/2005 - Updated litters page with new photos of my blazed litter. Also updated photos of Ryan and his progress. I apologize for the lack of updates recently however I have been working almost 6 days a week and this leaves me with very little time for anything else after I have cleaned cages and my house. I also updated my Rats page to show my newest additions, and those who are no longer being bred from have been moved to the retired/pet page. I have also added some to the Rainbow Bridge. I will put some photos of the few rescues I still have available on the rescues pages also. I hope to change the photos in the Gallery to some new ones if I have the time.

26/04/2005 - Updated the litters page with new photos of all the babies.

11/04/2005 - Updated the litters page with my current litters. Added paged for Reggie, Cherise, Amilee and MollyGrub.

21/03/2005 - Updated the rats pages with new ratties, those who have been retired and the rainbow Bridge page. Currently working now on adding individual pages for each of our new additions. Also updated the litters page.

22/02/2005 - Updated the litters page with the new litters coming up and took down the older ones as all babies are now reserved. 2 Mink self girls still available in Ezri's litter as of today. To make a reservation in any of the upcoming litters please  email me.

19/01/2005 - Updated the litters page with Bethany's litter and also Ezri's upcoming litter also. All pups from Bethany's litter are now reserved. There are still a few left in Abigails available though. There are quite a few reservations already for Ezri's litter but I am still taking names and preferences.

12/01/2005 - Today I took down Eilish and Polly's litters because they all have homes now. I have posted photos of Abigail's little cherubs who are 1 week old tomorrow (Thursday). Tomorrow night I will post up Bethany's babies as well. Please email me asap if you see something you like as I do have some reservations already.

29/11/2004 - Updated litters pages with new photos of Polly's litter, and also Eilish's litter. Updated what is still available and which babies have been reserved already.

15/11/2004 - Updated the litters page with new photos of Polly's Litter at 11 days old.

10/11/2004 - Updated Litters page with the birth of Eilish's Babies. Updated Rescues page. Added photo gallery of Polly's litter.

31/10/2004 - Added pages for all the boys along with their updated photos. Updated the litters page also.

25/10/2004 - Added information pages for Minkalla and Polly, and photos to Hannah, Minkalla, Colleen, Lilith, Matilda, Amilee, Eilish, Polly, Cinnamon and Keelin.

20/10/2004 - Added photos to Bridget, Sumika, Kyla, Charlotte and Molly's pages.

19/10/2004 - Added information to the rats page about Matilda, Molly, Amilee, Charlotte, Colleen, Eilish and Hannah.

15/10/2004 - Added information pages for Isabella, Jazz, Bethany, Bridget, Sumika, Lilith, Cinnamon and Kyla.

10/10/2004 - Posted new site but lots still to add. Please be patient with me while I get it all up and running!  :)

6/10/2004 - Preparing the new site for launch.


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