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Hi there and welcome to our site. The Mad Ratter Rattery is run by Julie, Ian and family, and we are located in Cranbourne Melbourne VIC. We are reasonably new to ratties having only had them since Jan 2003. We are a member and registered breeder with AusRFS VIC. We specialise in healthy rats with spectacular temperaments and strive to improve upon each generation.

We are very proud of the quality of the rats that we produce and have owned and bred many beloved pets. All of our rats are our pets, we love them and play with them every day. We do not sell off our adults to make way for younger animals and do not mass breed. We mainly focus on Berkshire, Hooded, Downunder and Self rats in mink, cinnamon, silverfawn, argente/topaz and dove. Other colours and markings are occasionally available. If you are looking for a particular variety please feel free to contact us, if we do not have a litter we may be able to direct you to a responsible breeder who does.

We expect all of our babies to be spoiled pets - even those going to show homes. This is why it is so important not to sacrifice health and/or temperament for looks. Babies from our next litter can be tentatively reserved by e-mailing us here. All of the rats that we breed from have fantastic temperaments and are very people-oriented. We refuse to breed from animals that are aggressive in any way.  Strict records are kept detailing the health of each of our rats to help us identify problems within the line. We are happy to discuss the health in the line of any rat that you purchase.

We hope that you enjoy our site and please contact us here if you are interested in one of our babies, rescues, showing, or you just want to talk rats. These little animals have so much personality and are a constant joy to own.

Feel free to contact us on (03) 59959481 or 0414864278

Please report any problems to webmaster@themadratter.com.au