MRR Dakota

Dob: 20th March 2005

  Parents: Isaac & Molly Grub

  Description: Agouti Berkshire Rex

Health: very good

Disposition:  Just like her mother Molly Grub, loves people and is very sweet.

Comments: If her health stays good she will become part of my rex breeding program.


Great Grandparents
Great Great Grandparents
ADR Isaac

agouti berkshire

ADR Moey

dove hooded

ADR Scamp
black hooded
ADR Toby
ADR Trixie
ADR Venus
dove hooded
ADR Remus
ADR Anais
MRR Kiera

agouti berkshire

agouti berkshire
BRR Sumika
cinnamon berkshire
BRR Hamlet
Ruby Rattery Peppercorn
Molly Grub

black hooded rex